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CHMT761P6 has 6 heads, mounting speed is faster.
Product description
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CHM-T761P6 parameters





XYZ Axis travel


PCB max size


Support components

0201,0402~5050, SOP, QFN,BGA, etc.

Mounting speed

16000cph optimal



Placement head

6pcs (come with 20pcs nozzle auto-change library)

Feeding system

Support max 60pcs feeder

Support self-defined IC tray

Vision detection
vision system

1pcs down-looking camera

For mark point calibration 
6pcs front side up-looking camera

detection range: max 18*18mm, for small components
1pcs back side up-looking camera detection range:40*40mm, for BGA,QFN,PLCC etc.

Driving system

XY Axis motor with Panasonic A6 servo motor control

Flexible S plus deceleration

Z Axis with position detection

Leaking detection
Vacuum type

Vacuum & vision detection
Japan’s PISCO vacuum generator

Transmission system

X&Y axis with high precision ball screw, HIWIN linear guide rails

Controlling computer

In-built industry computer, with 12 inch monitor, USB mouse and keyboard

Operation system

Windows 10 system

PCB delivery

3 pieces auto delivery with rails, width can be adjusted by electrical control

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz

Air supply






Net weight


Machine description:
CHMT761P6 has 6 heads, mounting speed is faster. For SMT production, it is your good helper!
The operation system is Windows 10 system, the main board of machine was researched by ourselves, which is more reliable, and life time is much longer. CHMT761P6 using 502---507 different kinds of Juki nozzles, suitable for 0402,0603,0805-5050, SOP, QFN, LQFP, Diode, Transistor, BGA...etc, which can meet more customers' demand.
Fully automatic transfer 
Standard SMEA interface, three-phase track, automatic connection, complete automatic production of all back-end equipment
Six high precision pasting heads
With six high precision pasting heads, fast identification, fast pasting, achieve any Angle rotation. the micro components and IC can be attached at the same time. Equipped with 20 bit suction nozzle library, it can replace the nozzle automatically when the device of different specifications is attached.
Front side up-looking cameras
18*18mm component identification range
6 pcs High speed industrial camera, suitable for quick mounting of small components
Back side up-looking camera
40*40mm component identification range
USB 3.0 high definition industrial camera, suitable for precise pasting of BGA QFN PLCC and other high-density pin chips
12-inch display
More clear interface, content more rich, built-in industrial computer
Panasonic servo motor
Panasonic servo system has high performance mechanical adaptability, making the actual precision of the device controlled at the level of 0.01mm to ensure the mounting of multi-pin chip and QFN BGA
XY axis high wear resistance tank chain
Adopt high-strength wear-resistant material, improve the wear-resistant strength, bend more flexibly, lower the resistance, reduce the noise, ensure the equipment cable is not distorted deformation
TBI ball screw
XY axis motion mechanism adopts high precision ball grinding screw, which has the characteristics of high precision density, high load, low wear and long life
HIWIN linear guide rail
The HIWIN linear guide rail works with ball screw to ensure the stability and accuracy of high-speed operation in mounting process
IC Tray Supported
software allow 20 user-defined IC tray
User can add one or more IC tray in software, you just need to positioning the first component and the last component, then machine can auto continuous picking.
Package Weight: 832.0kg
Package Size: 134cm x 150cm x 160cm
Packing: wooden case (safe packing)
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