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PCB clamping area: fixing the PCB, let PCB close to left, top spring should be compacted.
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CHM-T36VA parameters



PCB area

10mm*10mm - 355mm*355mm

X Y Z axis Travel


Placement heads



8mm=22pcs, 12mm=4pcs, 16mm=2pcs, 24mm=1pcs
Front IC tray=14pcs, user-defined IC tray

Vision system

Dual cameras(up & down cameras)


Closed-loop control stepper servo drive system, make sure never lose step

Z axis self-return detection

Yes, prevent nozzles breaking

Pull pin self-return


Leakage of material detection method

Vacuum detection, vision detection

Mounting speed

4000cph (vision off); 2800cph (vision on)

Mounting precision



0402-5050,SOP,QFN etc(tape width: 8MM,12MM,16MM,24MM)

Machine dimension

L 960mm * W 705mm * H 335mm

Vacuum pump

-92KPa (2pcs,build-in, mute type)

External air source

No need (machine build-in mute vacuum pump 2pcs)

External PC

Yes (software compatible with windows7)


220V /110V

Net weight


Gross weight

70kg / 107*78*50cm / 0.41m³

(1) PCB clamping area: fixing the PCB, let PCB close to left, top spring should be compacted. 
(2) Up camera: Used for calibrating the components position, angle, so as to improve placement accuracy.
(3) IC material stack: used for place the big IC. 
(4) Emergency stop switch: Emergency stop after press down, machine normal work when clockwise rotation and bounce.
(5) IC tray area: Used for fixing IC tray.
(6) Nozzle & Pull needle: Nozzle used for absorbing materials and mount on PCB, pull needle used for pull the material go ahead. 
(7) Down camera: Used for observing and location, and PCB MARK auto adjust. 
(8) Ordinary material stack : Place tape packaging materials. 
(9) Belt receiving wheel : Used for collecting film.
(10)Tape placing area : Used for placing tape.
Machine features and advantages:
With Vision system need to connect with an external PC with windows7 system and USB port.
With closed loop control. can move more faster and smoothly
with 29pcs feeders, more effective
with 8 kinds of different nozzles, can place with 0201, 0402. 0603, 0805-505etc, and QFN, SOP, LQFP. all kinds of IC. and diode, triode.
with Z axis detection can self-checking the height and angle during placement. can make sure this machine work well with various kinds of components.
We can supply English machine operation manual and technical support. Please be confident to make the purchase.
Up & Down Double Vision Camera Auto Correction
CHM-T36VA has double CCD vision cameras, which can auto calibrate the offset for all different kinds of component and ICs, auto correction of pick position and angle ,it is industry camera with high accuracy taking image of IC, to make sure the accuracy, calibrate two component of offset and rotation for PCB.
Z axis detection
Z axis detection can self-checking the height and angle during placement. Making sure machine work perfectly with different kinds of components. Nozzles are Juki, magnet inside, use your finger can remove it down, no need wrench , very convenient.
Multi-type IC Tray Supported
Machine support user-defined IC tray one or more pieces, start from stack #80 to #99. You just need to calibrate the first component and last component , machine can auto pick IC continuously. Super easy operation. 
29pcs tape feeders
22pcs 8mm version, 4pcs 12mm version, 2pcs 16mm version,1pcs 24mm version
Closed-loop Motion Control System
it can be four-axis linkage, move faster and smoothly. both nozzle can working together, not single nozzle working any more, support single step. X,Y axis encoder installed, never lose step. Flexible S accelerate and decelerate, make sure high speed placement working perfect.
Connect to PC, Easy Operation
Please use your PC with Windows 7 to run the machine
9 kinds of different Juki nozzle supported
High precision placement
Machine can install 501-508 kinds of Juki nozzles
Able to mount 0201,0402,0603,0805-5050,SOP,QFN,LQFP144,all kinds of IC, and diode, triode…
Clearing machine after using, close software before switch off power; 
According to condition of using, smear some grease to bearings regularly to make sure it work smoothly.
Cover machine if unused for a long time to avoid the dust.
Package Weight: 70.0kg
Package Size: 107*78*50cm
Packing: wooden case (safe packing)
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